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Quillow Hedgehogs

Raised in home with kids for kids and kids at heart! Hedgehog experience since 1995 with a background in exotic medicine & husbandry. We love our Pets and want the same for you!

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About Us

All about the Hedgies!

We just love well-mannered, healthy, happy hogs and want to help others find a new family member just like we have!

We breed for health and disposition and enjoy all the beautiful colors and sweet personalities along the way.

Whether it's the initial conversations, all the exciting preparations before pickup, the hours we spend with you in our home just talking, training, and playing with babies and the adults, or the followups by text, email, phone calls, or even FaceTime, we want every hedgehog home to start off just right and remain successful!

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We Put You and Your Hedgehog First

What to expect

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Initial Contacts

From Day 1, our goal is to match you with your perfect Hedgehog. We will talk with you to understand what you are looking for in your new hedgehog. While everyone wants a sweet and tame baby, we take the extra step to learn more about you and what personality will fit best in your home.

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Preparation, Education, and Fun

Everyone gets to see pictures and videos as the babies grow via a private group just for our priority waitlist members. We even have night vision cameras on our nests, so that new owners can experience early life stages. 
Once babies reach 5 weeks of age we will contact you personally with temperament information and other details about the babies that interest you most. At this time babies will be chosen by their new owners in list order. Timelines and Go home dates are estimates subject to change when nature deems it necessary.


What comes with my new baby?

Each baby is sent home with a cuddle bag that they have been socialized to and sleeping with since weaning. This is a valuable tool in continuing the solid relationship with people that we have started. We also provide several weeks of the food they have been weaned to. Each baby will also bring its favorite toys, comfort bedding and blanket to ease the transition from our homes to your's. All of this and lifetime breeder "techinical support" - we remain available for questions for the lifetime of the baby! You have our personal phone number 214-789-6899 for quick contact. We love our babies and stand by waiting to help when needed.

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Babies are priced by color and markings - never by temperament. We aim to produce social and desirable pets; at no extra cost! Current pricing ranges from 200 for older babies and retirees to 375 (occasionally higher for rare or unusual colors or patterns).

Deposits to secure your spot on the priority waitlist are $50. The deposit is subtracted from the total price. Deposits are non-refundable. However, we do not restrict your number of passes or time spent on our waitlist. We want each new owner to find their perfect match and believe there is no time limit for that.

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What to expect at pickup:

  • Typically we spend 60 - 90 minutes discussing detailed care, handling techniques and general health knowledge.

  • We also use this time to introduce you to your new baby, and spend some time just playing together.

  • We go over most common mistakes and help tailor behavior etiquette to your specific hedgehog relationship. 

  • We answer any questions you may have! We like for this time to be informal, informative and fun. This means we will even introduce you to the parents; they are our personal pets!!

  • We Welcome all family members involved in your hedgehogs care attend this special time.

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Contact us

Happy to discuss more; feel free to text anytime!

We want our hedgehogs to have happy, healthy lives, and that starts with you.

We are committed to helping educate and answer any questions you have before, during, and especially after pickup.


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Quillow Hedgehogs

USDA Licensed Breeder

License Number 74-A-1556

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